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About Us

Welcome to Earthon Industries Private Limited

Above all, we believe that real change is possible and that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today.

We are one of India’s most known and well-equipped manufacturers of rice, pasta, noodles, tomato ketchup, biscuits, cooking oil, hand sanitizer, and insect spray. We have an alliance with an admired Agricultural University, that supports us by letting us utilize the new technologies.

We have institutionalized processes of quality control & hygiene and uses cutting edge technology. The company owns giant agricultural farms specially built for the processing of raw materials, resulting in the locking of flavors for garden freshness and fine taste.

We have developed strong manufacturing capabilities over a period of time and have invested significantly in building customer demand for our products. Our trademarks/brands have become one of the most successful brands in the FMCG industry. We are committed to investing in labels, production capacities, deliverables, and the strength of the distribution.

Our business provides all services by international standards. We deal with the distribution of all forms of agriculture, healthcare, and critical goods focused on ‘Best Value for Money.’ We are committed to providing the best products available in India and around the world to ensure quality, standards, and organic products.

Why Choose Us


We ensure the production and distribution of quality goods with in-house steps with cutting-edge technology.


Fully modern equipped testing laboratories at the production unit.


We focus on meeting customer requirements and fulfill as customized orders.


Worldwide export experience with products meeting International Standards, reliable, and good quality.


We have highly skilled and experienced workforce.


We are certified by various organizations in production, manufacturing and supply.

Our experience

To be one of the best manufacturers of products all around the world by keeping good quality and customer satisfaction. We believe in quality first concept.

95 %

Customer Satisfaction

86 %

Grocery Products

91 %

HealthCare Products